14. A Word from the 48%

This was not a unanimous decision by a long shot.

Already the vote has been analysed, divided up into groups most and least likely to vote Leave and Remain.  There’s an idea that the older population has screwed over younger voters, who were far more likely to vote Remain.  We’ve all seen the statistics from the YouGov poll graphic that’s been flying around – but I’d like to point out that I don’t feel the divide like this.

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9. Online Bullying

Not that I love giving pageviews to the Daily Mail, but earlier I caught sight of an article I had to read.  It was concerning an academic from Bristol Uni who walked out of a lecture after finding pervasive sexual comments made about her on Yik Yak.  Clearly that’s an awful thing for her to have to deal with, especially considering that she also has teenage children who might also have seen those things – but actually there’s another part of the article that caught my eye, too.

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8. Mental Illness

It feels like every time I load up Facebook these days there’s another mental illness awareness campaign flying around – and that’s great.  What concerns me, however, is that there’s still a great deal of focus on the person who’s supporting their mentally ill loved one and how they can best do that.  I don’t see enough resources that are aimed at helping people with mental illnesses to practice self-love, take care of ourselves and understand our conditions.

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